Heather Wilson

Heather loves pinhole cameras, the Pacific Coast, the power of story, frequenting protests, getting on planes with her passport, camels-as-transportation, helping to empower voices on the margins, and anything related to Afghanistan. She has spent the past 10 years working throughout the U.S., Asia, and the Middle East, doing photography and communications work for developmental non-governmental organizations.

Heather is currently Digital and Creative Director for PICO. To peruse her photography, visit Dust and Light Photography, and follow her on Twitter @aNomadPhotog.

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'Darkness Cannot Put Out Darkness': Friends Murdered in Afghanistan

by Heather Wilson 08-09-2010

Ten more lives were lost in Afghanistan last week. Many people will likely say this danger is reason not to work in Afghanistan, yet I would disagree.

'Hey Obama, Don't Deport My Momma!': A Photo Essay

by Heather Wilson 07-29-2010

A children's rendition of Springsteen's 'Born in the USA' filled the air of Lafayette Square in Washington D.C. on Wednesday afternoon as U.S.

Audio Slideshow with Heather Wilson

by Heather Wilson 04-01-2010

While we often hear only about violence, many Afghans make daily sacrifices to make life better for their families and country.

Everyday Courage

by Heather Wilson 04-01-2010

Afghans risk much to build a better future.

World Vision Staff Killed in Pakistan: The Cost of Courageous Compassion

by Heather Wilson 03-11-2010
When was the last time you felt gripped by crushing fear? Like the kind that might take over as you listen to friends and co-workers being killed?

Blurred Lines Between Military and Humanitarian Efforts in Afghanistan Raise More Questions than Answers

by Heather Wilson 01-29-2010

Reported in a recent Times article, leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs), speculate that the militarization of aid in Afghanistan blurs lines between military and humanitarian responses, jeopardizing the success of projects and the lives of staff, wanting a return of all aid work to NGOs.

'We Hunt People for Jesus': Are U.S. Soldiers Proselytising in Afghanistan?

by Heather Wilson 01-22-2010
While the story of bible-verses-on-gun-scopes is getting more press, I am just (if not more) disturbed to read of a U.S.