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By Fearing Churches that Speak out for Social Justice, Glenn Beck Fears the Gospel

by Ernesto Tinajero 03-10-2010
In a recent show, Glenn Beck told his listeners to watch out for churches that use the term "social justice," or "economic justice." He thinks that those terms are code words that will lead to the

Excitement and Depression in the Potential for Change in Health Care

by Ernesto Tinajero 03-03-2010
I have been reluctant to write about health care recently.

Tales of Two Capitalisms: Ayn Rand vs. Horatio Alger

by Ernesto Tinajero 02-05-2010

Shameless: Wall Street's Masters of the Universe

by Ernesto Tinajero 01-13-2010

Tiger Woods and Mammon's Scorecard

by Ernesto Tinajero 12-23-2009

Paul Tells It Like It Is: 'Wake Up Gentlemen'

by Ernesto Tinajero 12-11-2009

In Praise of Christmas Materialism

by Ernesto Tinajero 12-08-2009

Three Ways to Remind Hospitals Why They Exist

by Ernesto Tinajero 12-02-2009
What to do as a Christian when presented with an injustice? I missed.

A Tale of Two Hospitals: How Sugar Water Helps Make Christmas Sad

by Ernesto Tinajero 11-23-2009
This year we were planning to see my folks for Christmas. It won't happen.

Missing from Wall Street's Calculations: Sin

by Ernesto Tinajero 11-10-2009
Driving home from Seattle, the rain was both daunting and beautiful.

'Offensive Play': Why I've Watched My Last Superbowl

by Ernesto Tinajero 10-27-2009
Humans drug themselves with violence. Violence has been and continues to be a path for cathartic release and for entertainment.

Humans, Humility, and the Higgs Boson Particle

by Ernesto Tinajero 10-20-2009
Imagine trying to figure out the earth, while living on a grain of sand on a small island in the middle of the Pacific. What could be known of snow, of plants, of wolves? Not much.

The Gospel According to the Conservative Bible Project

by Ernesto Tinajero 10-07-2009
Recently, the Conservative Bible Project has made some headlines.

Personal and Pragmatic Reasons for Health Reform

by Ernesto Tinajero 10-02-2009
Jesus is a healer -- of body, spirit, and heart. He also called Christians to be peacemakers and healers.

Prayerland U.S.A.

by Ernesto Tinajero 09-25-2009

The Health-Care Bubble and My 5-Month-Old

by Ernesto Tinajero 09-17-2009
Back in 2005, my wife was wanting to buy a house. Renting was not helping us build equity. The market was soaring. "Get in or be shut out of ever owning a house" was the prevailing chatter.

Feeding the Hungry: Remembering Norman Borlaug

by Ernesto Tinajero 09-14-2009
My church started a community garden this summer. Our tomatoes, beans, and greens now grace the shelves of our food bank.

Nazis, Commies, and Manicheans in the Health-Care Debate

by Ernesto Tinajero 08-24-2009
I remember playing WWII as a boy. We would pick sides of American and Nazis. Of course, everyone wanted be the Americans, the good guys.

With the Health-Care Debate, Let's Begin with Honesty

by Ernesto Tinajero 08-13-2009
"Has he been pre-authorized? Because if the test hasn't been, it may not be covered and you may be caught with the bill as my husband and I learned." Her jagged words hit me like a political ad.

Making Peace with Sam Harris

by Ernesto Tinajero 08-03-2009
Dr. Francis Collins, President Obama's choice to head the National Institute of Health, has been met with much resistance from certain quarters of the scientific community.