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Claire Lorentzen is director of mission engagement for Schools of the Sacred Heart.

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Resources on Natural Birth

by Claire Lorentzen 12-01-2010


Poet Reading and Interview with Temple Cone

by Claire Lorentzen 12-01-2010

In Defense of Simple Food

by Claire Lorentzen 11-30-2010

Truth Commission on Conscience in War Gathers in D.C.

by Claire Lorentzen 11-10-2010

Resources on Ayn Rand, Libertarianism, and the Tea Party

by Claire Lorentzen 11-01-2010

Here is a list of resources that will help further develop an understanding of Ayn Rand's philosophy, view of religion, and connection to libertarianism and Tea Party ideology.

Poet Reading and Interview with Jeanne Murray Walker

by Claire Lorentzen 11-01-2010

Why I'm Not Tired of Reading About the Tea Party

by Claire Lorentzen 10-27-2010
Are you tired of reading about the Tea Party? The group represents 11 percent of our population, yet it has been on the front cover of every national newspaper for months now.

The Poverty Measure: Why It's Outdated, and Why It's Important

by Claire Lorentzen 09-27-2010

43.6 Million: Census Declares More Americans are in Poverty than Ever Before

by Claire Lorentzen 09-20-2010
It is the highest number America has ever seen: 43.6 million people are living in poverty in the United States, the wealthiest country in the world.