Donor Services Assistant

Chelsey J. Johnson first discovered Sojourners while working alongside a rural development NGO in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. After completing her service in Cambodia, she moved from one life-changing adventure to the next and now joins Sojourners as a Donor Services Assistant.

Growing up in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Chelsey holds a deep love for the Lutheran traditions of  1) speaking out against systems that take advantage of folks on the margins and  2) potlucks. Her go-to potluck recipe is a whipped cream based salad, a classic among her fellow Minnesota natives.

In 2017, Chelsey earned degrees in Political Science and Strategic Communication from Oklahoma State University, where she graduated summa cum laude and was recognized as the Orange Gown Graduate of the College of Arts & Sciences.

In her spare time, Chelsey enjoys drinking coffee, listening to NPR, and kayaking with wild dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. A strong 3 on the enneagram, Chelsey loves setting and achieving goals for herself, some of which have included traveling to 20 countries before she turned 20 years old and keeping the same house plant alive for 3+ years.

She is honored to be joining Sojourners and looks forward to continuing to put her faith in action through social justice.