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Ched Myers

Ched Myers is an activist theologian who has worked in social change movements for forty years. With a Masters degree in New Testament Studies, he is a popular educator who animates scripture and issues of faith-based peace and justice. He has published more than 100 articles and more than half-dozen books, most of which can be found at He and his partner Elaine Enns, co-direct Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries ( in the Ventura watershed of southern California.

Posts By This Author

Framed in Black and White

by Ched Myers 07-01-1992

To live and die in the city of angels.

We're All In the Same Boat

by Ched Myers 10-01-1991

A reflection on gospel journeys and the quincentennial

A Gethsemane Awakening

by Ched Myers 04-01-1991

Gospel discernment in the apocalypse of war

Homing I Keep You

by Ched Myers 10-01-1989

A Tribute to Libby Radcliffe

The Last Days of Jesus

by Ched Myers 12-01-1987

Collapse and Restoration of Discipleship (Mark 14:1 - 16:8)

The Lesson of the Fig Tree

by Ched Myers 10-01-1987

Mark 11:1-13:37 - Jesus' Second Campaign of Nonviolent Direct Action.

Embracing the Way of Jesus

by Ched Myers 08-01-1987

A Catechism of the Cross (Mark 8:22 - 10:52).

The Miracle of One Loaf

by Ched Myers 05-01-1987

The Kingdom as a New Social Order (Mark 4:35-8:21)

Binding the Strong Man

by Ched Myers 03-01-1987

Jesus' First Campaign of Nonviolent Direct Action

In Word and Deed

by Ched Myers 01-01-1987

Jesus' Challenge to Power in Mark

The Cross and the Cold War

by Ched Myers 11-01-1986

The Ephesian Gospel of Peace

The Wind that Diverts the Storm

by Ched Myers 08-01-1983

The gospel and the Nuclear-Free and Independence Pacific Movement

By What Authority?

by Ched Myers 05-01-1983

The Bible and civil disobedience.

Vision from a Blind Man

by Ched Myers 03-01-1980

The naming of Bartimaeus Community