Charles Gutenson

Charles E. Gutenson is a church consultant and former chief operating officer at Sojourners. His most recent book is Church Worth Getting Up For.

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Anonymous Generosity: Go Into the Closet and Do in Secret

by Charles Gutenson 03-02-2010
I recall a discussion once with a friend about the different kinds of needs that existed within our own community.

Absurd Health Insurance Premiums Renew Calls for Public Option

by Charles Gutenson 02-18-2010

Health insurance companies have been remarkably brazen of late. Are they confident enough that they have killed health insurance reform that they can operate with impunity?

Book Sales, Best-Seller Lists, and Why They Matter

by Charles Gutenson 02-08-2010

Yes, this is an unabashed request for you to buy a copy of Jim's new book, Rediscovering Values, but let me take a minute to tell you why this is so important to our mission and work at Sojourners.

Irrational Exuberance? You Got That Right!

by Charles Gutenson 12-16-2009

Why Caring For Others Can’t Be Just the Work of the Church

by Charles Gutenson 12-03-2009
A person serves food to others waiting in line with plates.

A popular argument amongst political conservatives goes like this: while they grant that Scripture requires concern and care for the poor and marginalized, that concern is one to be addressed by in

What Do Health-Care Reform, the 40-Hour Work Week, Unemployment Insurance, the Minimum Wage, etc., Have in Common?

by Charles Gutenson 11-25-2009
Well, they were all brought to you be political progressives, they were all opposed by political conservatives, and they all are now viewed as fundamental presuppositions of a healthy society by vi

Sarah Palin and the Demise of Public Discourse

by Charles Gutenson 11-16-2009
I wonder how many doctoral dissertations will be written over the next several years aimed at exploring the cultural phenomenon that is Sarah Palin.

What Do You Get When You Cross Micah 6 with John 3:16?

by Charles Gutenson 11-11-2009

Well, you get progressive evangelicals -- a people who unite those two things too long separated: the invitation to become followers of Jesus and the call to join the struggle for the creation of just societies. What is it that progressive evangelicals do?

Repeat After Me: Profit is NOT Satanic

by Charles Gutenson 11-06-2009
Don't you love it when someone tries to argue for one thing by distracting your attention to another?

More Heat than Light: Randall Terry's 'Burn in Hell' Protest

by Charles Gutenson 10-28-2009
Sometimes the things you read are so outrageous that you simply sit at your desk, unclear how to respond.