César J. Baldelomar a graduate student at Harvard Divinity School, where he focuses on liberation theologies and ethics from the margins. You can visit César at his website www.cesarb.com

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Michael Jackson's Legacy of Social and Environmental Concern

by Cesar Baldelomar 07-13-2009
Though it has been two weeks since Michael Jackson's death, the world continues to mourn and to monitor news sources for the latest developments.

Clean Energy is the 'Space Race' of Our Age

by Cesar Baldelomar 06-29-2009
Last Tuesday, as a member of Catholics United, I joined countless others in Washington, D.C., to lobby on behalf of the American Clean Energy and Secu

The Legacy of an Eco-Prophet: Remembering Thomas Berry

by Cesar Baldelomar 06-03-2009
Today's most pressing task for humanity, I believe, is to halt the current environmental crisis.

In the Footsteps of Jesus?

by Cesar Baldelomar 05-28-2009
Angels and Demons, the movie inspired by Dan Brown's novel by the same title, has raked in nearly $190 million worldwide (with approximately $90 million in the U.S.) in only its second wee

Priest Scandal Re-opens Celibacy Debate

by Cesar Baldelomar 05-15-2009
Scandal has again surfaced in the American Catholic Church, but, gratefully, this time it is not over child abuse or mismanagement of funds.

The Social Side Effects of Global Warming

by Cesar Baldelomar 04-22-2009
We are at a global turning point.

The Power to Dominate and the Power to Love

by Cesar Baldelomar 04-16-2009
As Christians, our continual task is to explore and mediate on Jesus' teachings, as well as to emulate his deeds.

Jesus and the Children of Empire

by Cesar Baldelomar 04-03-2009
Jesus, who was a Palestinian Jew living under Roman occupation, preached a message that was anti-state and religious imperialism.

The Obama Notre Dame Controversy

by Cesar Baldelomar 03-26-2009
The University of Notre Dame recently announced that President Barack Obama will be its spring commencement speaker and that he will also be receiving an honorary doctorate of laws degree.

Romero: The Price of Preaching and Living Jesus' Gospel

by Cesar Baldelomar 03-24-2009

Twenty-nine years ago today, a Salvadorian government hit man assassinated Archbishop of San Salvador Oscar Romero as he was saying Mass in a convent. News of Romero's assassination sparked a slew of global responses -- from sadness and outrage to impartiality.

An Unsung Catholic Environmental Legacy

by Cesar Baldelomar 03-05-2009
Current newspapers and blogs are replete with commentaries on the outcome of the presidential elections, the ailing economy, and life issues, especially abortion.