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Whose America is It?

by Anthony A. Parker 07-30-2013

WHO ARE WE? WHERE ARE WE GOING? And how are we going to get there? We can no longer answer these questions. Indeed, we have stopped asking them. But just as the future of blacks seemed to be in peril when integration was introduced decades ago, our future as a viable racial and ethnic group in this country will be greatly diminished unless a new model for racial and cultural development is established.

In Jesus' Name

by Anthony A. Parker 05-01-1993

Azusa Christian Community reclaims the poor and dispossessed in Boston

The Underdeveloped Afro-Asian Connection

by Anthony A. Parker 06-01-1992

The new parts of the film more intriguing than the whole

Resurrecting Malcolm X

by Anthony A. Parker 02-01-1992

Malcom X before the politics 

An Opportunity In Crisis

by Anthony A. Parker 04-01-1991

Black leadership and the New World Order

The Shifting Racial Paradigm

by Anthony A. Parker 01-01-1991

David Duke in Washington

Out of Touch at the Black Caucus

by Anthony A. Parker 12-01-1990

Why I felt guilty at the CBC

With Liberty and Education for All

by Anthony A. Parker 11-01-1990

A changing America call for cultural inclusion in the classroom

Whose America Is It?

by Anthony A. Parker 08-01-1990

A new generation reconsiders integration

Crimes of Punishment

by Anthony A. Parker 06-01-1990

At the door to reform the criminal justice system