Director of Strategic Gifts

Anthonia Emordi is passionate about issues concerning social justice and enjoys impacting the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities through advocacy and fundraising. As director of strategic gifts, she believes in the importance of community building and strategic partnerships in order to further the mission of Sojourners.

Prior to joining Sojourners, Anthonia served as a key member of the development team at various organizations addressing issues concerning humanitarian aid, human rights, affordable housing, women, and education. One of the highlights of her career was the successful completion of a $2 million capital campaign for an affordable housing project in Virginia.

Anthonia earned a bachelor's degree in international relations from the University of Central Arkansas and a master's in public administration from Norwich University. In her free time, Anthonia prioritizes relaxation and takes the opportunity to binge watch her favorite Netflix shows. She also enjoys traveling, going to concerts and brunch in the city.