Angeles Urban

Angeles Urban is vapor. But before she is gone, this is what she is up to on this pale blue dot we all call home. She grew up 3.8 miles from the Pacific Ocean, creating love in her for sunsets, the ocean, and south bay LA. She went to a quirky high school that taught her about the environment, and so she thinks this might have been the beginning of her knowledge of the environment and justice. Staying in beautiful California, she went to UC San Diego for undergrad, getting her BA in Urban Studies and Planning. She now finds herself in Washington DC with Sojourners, which she is extremely thankful for.

A combination of things she enjoys talking and learning about is faith and doubt, epistemology, theories on love, immigration, her Latina identity (especially within a religious context), and the Liturgists Podcast. As her years increase in life, she hopes to continue in the work of justice, peace, theology, Latina/o identity, mediation/conflict resolution, and potentially end up in academia. She experiences peace in her life through walking for hours under rain and sleeping in between redwoods in northern California. And if she shares a song with you, please know that it means a lot.  Overall, she is thankful to be alive.