Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson is a North Carolina native, former Capitol Hill staffer, and student at the UNC School of Law. He's a future morning person, and a follower of The Way.


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The DREAM Act is Not Amnesty

by Andrew Simpson 12-13-2010
As members of Congress debate the DREAM Act once again, opponents of the act are again attacking the legislation as "

Undocumented Farmworkers Need Support

by Andrew Simpson 11-23-2010

Myths and Facts About Immigration Economics

by Andrew Simpson 10-18-2010
[Editor's Note: Myths and misinformation abound when it comes to the topic of immigration reform.

DREAM Act 101: What You Need to Know

by Andrew Simpson 09-21-2010
In the last few weeks, the DREAM Act has become a source of hope for many and a source of debate and speculation for others.