Amy Sullivan is a journalist who has written about politics, religion, and women as a senior editor for national outlets including TIME, National Journal, Yahoo, and The Washington Monthly. Sullivan’s first book, The Party Faithful, was praised in The New York Times for its coverage of religion and partisan politics as “savvy, genre-bending, unapologetically faith-based.”

A Michigan native, Sullivan is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Harvard Divinity School. She sits on the advisory board for Princeton University’s sociology department, where she spent three years as a doctoral student. After more than two decades in Washington, D.C., she now lives outside Chicago with her husband and young children.

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Fightin' Words

by Amy Sullivan 09-01-2004
Liberals rediscover their moral backbone.

Bowling Bags and Funny Hats

by Amy Sullivan 11-01-2003

On the first weekend of every September, before cold winds off the Great Lakes turn the air chilly, the Plymouth Fall Festival takes place along Main Street in my hometown of Plymouth, Michigan.

Each Side is Right. And Wrong.

by Amy Sullivan 01-01-2001

In the Old Testament lesson at my church one Sunday, we read, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem...