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Amy Sullivan: Ha! That'll Be The Day! Erm...

by Amy Sullivan 10-30-2006

I promise to limit the number of times I link to my boyfriend (or myself) on this blog, but since he's a writer, a fellow journalist, and an astute political observer, it's going to happen from time to time. My apologies in advance.

With that over with, I'd like to direct your attention to this observation by Noam Scheiber, of The New Republic. A paragraph at the end of a New York [...]

Amy Sullivan: Has Bush Been Good for Religion?

by Amy Sullivan 10-25-2006

I just wanted to let our readers know that I'm involved in a week-long debate over at The New Republic with Joe Loconte, formerly of the Heritage Foundation and now with the Ethics and Public Policy Center. (Scroll down to read's Joe entry first, since he gets the debate started and I respond. We'll continue the discussion on Thursday and Friday.)

The debate [...]

Amy Sullivan: More Kuo Book Goodness

by Amy Sullivan 10-17-2006

My longer, point-by-point response to attacks made by critics of the Kuo book can be read here, at It should give you a good sense of the best bits of the book. But I'd also encourage you to read the book yourself. The scandalous political bits have been picked up all over the news by now, but this is not just a "tell-all" book. It's also a thoughtful, moving, and brutally [...]

Amy Sullivan: I'm Shocked!

by Amy Sullivan 10-17-2006

To say there are few surprises in David Kuo's new book, Tempting Faith, is not to suggest that it is uninteresting or to be skipped. On the contrary, the book provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how political priorities get made and carried out in the Bush White House.

It's just that, as much [...]

Amy Sullivan: Federally-Funded Faith

by Amy Sullivan 10-11-2006

This four-part Boston Globe series on faith and foreign aid is required reading this week. And it's especially troubling for those of us who have tried to convince our friends on the progressive side not to freak [...]

Amy Sullivan: But Whose Religion?

by Amy Sullivan 10-02-2006

I was setting out to write a post about a little-noticed agreement reached by congressional Republican negotiators last week. The arrangement removed a harmful legislative provision that would [...]

Amy Sullivan: Upsetting the Apple Cart

by Amy Sullivan 09-27-2006

I heard a thought-provoking commentary on "All Things Considered" last night by a woman named Caroline Langston. She talked about the fact that over the past decade or so her political views have changed, but not her religious views--and [...]

Amy Sullivan: In Good Faith

by Amy Sullivan 09-27-2006

A few weeks ago, Jim Wallis pledged that we who write about the Religious Right--including those of us on this blog--would not treat them the way they have treated us. Which is to say, we will always keep in mind that, [...]

Abortion: A Way Forward

by Amy Sullivan 04-01-2006

The politics of abortion has been dominated by extreme views on either side, but now voters are looking for solutions, not slogans.

The Politics Of Piety

by Amy Sullivan 11-01-2004

When candidates claim God as their campaign manager, you can be sure they're trying to divert attention from the real question: Do they walk the talk?