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Mr. President, Please Count the Costs in Libya

by Aaron Taylor 03-11-2011
I'm glad I'm not the president right now.

Why I'm Trying to Resist Political Prejudice

by Aaron Taylor 02-23-2011
I'll be honest, I've been pretty disgusted with the callousness of our national discourse, how so many politicians, including Democrats, seem all too eager to balance state and federal Read More

When is Nationalism Healthy?

by Aaron Taylor 02-15-2011

I watched the film Invictus for the second time last weekend.

What Egyptians Want: Jobs, Food, Peace

by Aaron Taylor 02-02-2011

I love going to the gym in the mornings. It gives me a chance to watch the news. It also gives me a chance to compare the differences between the major networks and how they cover the events of the day.

What Does God Think of Economic Equality?

by Aaron Taylor 12-06-2010
In American evangelical circles, there's an idea that goes something like this: progressive taxation = socialism, and socialism = s

Urgent Action Needed on Behalf of the Saharawi People

by Aaron Taylor 11-16-2010
This morning I received an e-mail from a friend asking me to get the word out about a tragic human rights event that has been taking place over the past week, which the world knows little to nothin

Thinking About the Kingdom

by Aaron Taylor 10-21-2010
Not getting much sleep these days. Wondering if I'll ever get to sleep through the night again. I've heard that having small children changes your life. Consider that confirmed.

Floodwaters Diverted in Pakistan to Save U.S. Base

by Aaron Taylor 09-24-2010
It appears that flood waters have been diverted in Pakistan to save a U.S. air base. The Shahbaz air base is used by the U.S. military to launch drone attacks into Afghanistan and Pakistan, attacks that kill a disproportionate number of civilians by the way.

Salvation Through Doctrine or Christ?

by Aaron Taylor 09-16-2010
I've been getting into trouble lately.

Are Christians the Only Children of God?

by Aaron Taylor 08-23-2010
In the film "Dead Man Walking", shortly before Matthew Poncelet (played by Sean Penn) is executed, there's a scene where Poncelet confesses his crime of rape and murder.

Are We Saved by Doctrine, or Saved by Jesus?

by Aaron Taylor 08-18-2010

Can Muslims Follow the Biblical Christ and Still Be Muslim?

by Aaron Taylor 08-10-2010
Lately, I've been hearing a lot about the "Insider Movement" which is what missionary experts refer to as Muslims who love and follow Jesus while rem

A Martyr's Death Puts Faith Into Perspective

by Aaron Taylor 07-13-2010
Fatu was 25 years old when her father and his two sons burned her to death. Her crime was converting to Christianity in a Muslim land.

Adjusting to an Inter-racial Adoption

by Aaron Taylor 06-28-2010
A few weeks ago I traveled to Ethiopia to pick up our adopted son, Isaac. Isaac was abandoned as a n

Drone Attacks Increase Under Obama Administration

by Aaron Taylor 06-17-2010
Last night I googled the words "drone attacks Obama" to verify if President Obama has indeed increased unmanned http://www.sojo.net/index.cfm?action=magazine.article&issue=soj0908&amp

Further Reflections on the Biblical Ruth as an 'Illegal Immigrant'

by Aaron Taylor 05-25-2010
In March, I wrote a piece praising the Biblical character Boaz for showing compassion to Ruth, w

Ignoramus Racial Moments and Interracial Adoption

by Aaron Taylor 05-21-2010
Sometimes in life you learn best not from the times that you shine, but from the times that you act like a total ignoramus. It seems that racism and fear of outsiders are on the rise in the U.S.A.

So, Am I a Reductionist?

by Aaron Taylor 04-21-2010
A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my blog entitled Will the Real Gospel Please Stand Up? In the post I

Speak Evil of No One -- Really?

by Aaron Taylor 04-09-2010
I love the New Testament. I think it's fair to say that I live, eat, breathe, and drink the New Testament.

Ruth Was a Moabite 'Illegal' Immigrant

by Aaron Taylor 03-23-2010

Every once in a while I get an "aha" moment and I can't turn my mind off, thus preventing me from a good night's sleep. Last night's "aha" moment came as I was reflecting on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform.