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Why I Choose to Be at Times, 'an Angry Asian Man'

091026-two-wongsWe often speak of 'loving our neighbors,' but it's really hard when we don't even know our neighbors. I see this to be a growing problem -- not just in the Church but our larger society. Why is it so hard to meet and grow with our neighbors?

And how about those who are the "others" in our society? When we're unable to learn and hear (even for a glimpse) the stories of others who are suffering or enduring some form of injustice, they only become issues, statistics, and whatever other words we tend to use.

I share this not to incite empathy for issues of racialization but in order to come to a deeper understanding. We really need to hear one another's stories and collectively sing the song that God showers over us: "You are created in the image of God."

Watch this clip from a recent sermon. Two important points & stories: one of a humbling chat with "a dark skinned African-American brother