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Who Is Your Woman of Faith?

Women of faith have moved hearts, minds, and mountains. They have changed the world by their faithful witness – and changed lives. Through our Women and Girls campaign, Sojourners is working to gather and lift up the voices and stories of these women to inspire a new generation of women to lead on faith and justice.

Sojourners’ Women and Girls campaign is our newest initiative in our ever-expanding work for justice in our world. Through creative advocacy, education, outreach, bridge-building, and a variety of other ways, we are affirming and empowering the God-given leadership abilities of women and girls in their congregations, communities, and the world.

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we asked some of our supporters to make a gift in honor of a woman of faith in their life. Below are the stories of a few of these women of faith:

Dr. Ellin Jimmerson

“Ellin has been very active in immigration reform, making several trips to Mexico and AZ. She has also produced an award-winning documentary, "The Second Cooler", about those who cross the desert, many dying in the process.” -submitted by Patricia Hallum

Marcia Vant Land

“Mom, you have been a faith leader in our family, in our church, in our community, in the hospital, and to prisoners. We value and honor the example that you are to us all.”

-submitted by Luke Vant Land

Elaine Lufkin

“Elaine's faithfulness to the gospel message in caring for her own children while working for better conditions for children throughout the world is an inspiration to all who know her.”

-submitted by Catherine Schmitt

Dorothy Day, Fannie Lou Hamer

“These are two women, one of whom is on the way to sainthood; the other is scarcely remembered in most church settings.” -submitted by Randy Gabrielse

Thanks to all who contributed stories about these women of faith! If you would like to honor a woman of faith in your own life, please click here and we’ll post her story on our blog.

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