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What Are Your 'Life Giving' Questions?

1100518-eugenecho-fishingI love what I do, but it's amazing how even that which you do and that which you feel "called" to do can grow in an unhealthy way to become idolatrous or simply draining. While we all know we don't live in a fantasy land where everything is life-giving all the time, there are important things we ought to be doing -- not because we have to -- but rather in order to preserve vitality in our life.

The consequence -- if we don't care well for ourselves -- is that you can get in a funk.

So, recently, I've been asking myself some questions to check my balance because spirituality isn't just about "going to church" for an hour on Sundays, or, in my case, preaching a sermon on a Sunday. I'm incredibly grateful that we're wired in such a way that our spirituality is holistic and also unique. What is life giving to me might not be as life giving to others, or our priorities may be different as well.

As I regularly check in on the "how is my soul?" question, here are the numerous questions I've been asking myself:

Am I praying?
Praying. Listening. Praying for myself and for others. Being still. As my mind whirls around with dreams and ideas, am I being still?

Am I reading the scriptures?
And not just for the purposes of teaching, but for my own self? So that I open myself to the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

How am I doing with my wife?
Are we still dating and growing together? Are we experiencing intimacy? Good communication. Deep conversation. Laughter.

How am I doing as a Dad?
I need to be more present and to deeply enjoy them. And not go #TigerDad on them. I so much enjoy playing with them, praying with them, and creating memories with them.

Am I sabbath-ing and sleeping?
Shabbat. Seriously. Is there a day or rather, let me be more realistic, is there a full half-day where I'm remembering, resting, and rejoicing in the Lord. And am I sleeping -- as in resting?

Do I even have friends that aren't just focused around ministry or what we can do for one another, but simply care and enjoy one another?

Am I writing?
Blogging and writing are actually really good for my soul. But sometimes, I have to remember to write for myself and for my vitality rather than looking at writing as another "task" or ministry item.

Am I exercising and playing sports?
Damn it. This used to be one of my passionate hobbies.

Am I fishing?
Refuge. Solitude. Peace. I used to go fishing twice a week and asides from a two-week intense plunge over the summer, I no longer fish. And I need to

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