Weekly Wrap 10.21.16: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 10.21.16: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

Editor's Note: This week's Wrap was guest curated by Sojourners contributor Saadia Faruqi. Read along for her top stories and notes from the week!

The elections are on everyone’s minds this week — not only from a political perspective, but a faith one, too. This Wrap looks at the effect of this presidential race on various religious groups.

1. The American Presidential Election and the Muslim Vote

Muslims are a big part of this year's election rhetoric, from ISIS to Syria and everything in between — so how do they really feel about being at the epicenter?

2. These Kids Trapped In Aleppo Have Something to Say to Clinton and Trump

Syria is a burning issue on our minds this year. Here’s a video created by the Huffington Post, with children in Aleppo asking questions of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Warning: May make you cry.

3. Trump and Hindu Nationalism 

Donald Trump made waves in the faith community this week by attending a Hindu event full of stereotypical faux-pas.

4. Is There a 'Trump Effect' on Public Morality?

A majority of white evangelicals now think a candidate’s private life doesn’t matter. That’s an interesting, and perhaps worrisome, trend.

5. Mormon’s Consciences Have Put White Evangelicals to Shame

Evangelicals aside, there are devout voting blocs who don’t have similar morality conflicts. Mormons seem to be looking at their Muslim brothers and sisters and fearing the way things are going for all religious minorities.

6. The U.S. Election Is Causing an Uptick in Twitter Abuse For Jews And Journalists

A surge in anti-Semitism has been noted during this election cycle, something Jews across the country are concerned about. 

7. Saudi Women Vote for the First Time 

Speaking of elections — what does that look like, and why is it important?

8. Make America Laugh Again 

Need a laugh after all this election rhetoric? A comedy club in Miami made excellent fun of both candidates and encouraged voting along the way.

9. How Christian Entertainment Is Upending Stereotypes About Muslims 

Comedy is a great way to learn about other cultures. Election or not, here’s one way to battle stereotypes while having a great time.

10. 25 Halloween Costumes That Won’t Lead You to Damnation 

And finally … did we all forget it’s October? 

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