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Twitter Just Told Bible History With Memes and It’s Hilarious

If you’re struggling to develop curriculum for your Sunday school class, we have just the tool for you.

Every now and then Twitter just nails a hashtag, and defends the fundamental value of the Internet. This time, with #MemeHistory, people are pairing a contemporary “meme” with a famous event from history. Although the theme of #MemeHistory isn’t explicitly religious, many Twitter users couldn’t resist turning to the good book for inspiration. 

All the greatest pieces of biblical drama are there: Jesus' resurrection, the Garden of Eden, Satan tempting Jesus.

Besides being hilarious, these tweets also give new emotional life to what often seem esoteric events — we may not quite grasp how Judas felt about betraying Jesus, but we sure get how this guilty kid looks.

So forget The Message. Biblical history is now more accessible than ever with #MemeHistory. Thank you, Twitter, for making these stories feel human for a new generation.

Some highlights below:

Christian Rapper Lecrae imagined the scene after David took down Goliath:



Judas was a major player in #MemeHistory:


And of course, Jesus’ miracles caused a stir:


Jesus had sass:


And Old Testament jokes abounded:


Here's Joseph's surprise at Mary's pregnancy:


And a special look into the feelings of the wise men:

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