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Is Theology The Most Important Thing?

Over the course of this past weekend and my recent post about hell, universalism, exclusivism, and other elitist theological words and constructs, I've shared on numerous occasions both my deep appreciation for theology and, simultaneously, the danger of theology. I wrote:

Theology is important. No matter what others may say or think, it has great value and importance. In fact, I would contend that one of the aspects that ails the Church is the lack of theological depth and substance. The [C]hurch are a bunch of lightweight theological dummies.

But my point is that while theology is indeed very important, it's not the most important thing. If theology was the most important thing, we'd be screwed as salvation would rest in humanity's ability to understand with absolute clarity.

Depending on how you approach the theological process, it's understandable for people to formulate or arrive to the natural question:

"What then is the most important thing?"

and even more so

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