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Spirituality from Plant to Plate

For World Food Day, here’s a roundup of recent Sojourners magazine articles about food, a subject with tendrils throughout our lives and world—from field to farmworker to plate to body!

God the Farmer by Ellen F. Davis

Psalm 65 gives us a unique portrait of a deity who tends the soil, waters its furrows, and crowns the year with a rich harvest.

Diet, Exercise, and Temples of the Holy Ghost by Danny Duncan Collum

From Mississippi to Kentucky coal-mining country, churches are taking on the public health crisis of obesity.

Injustice in the Food Chain by Yvonne Yen Liu  

Low-wage work and racial inequity are rife in jobs that move food to your table.

A Farm Grows in Motown by Korla Masters

Detroiters often use the phoenix rising from the ashes as a metaphor for the city's resilience. Worms—used in the new urban gardening movement—might be just as apt a symbol this time around.

'Farming in Hell'—the New Normal? by Aana Marie Vigen and Nancy C. Tuchman

Our food system is a cause as well as a victim of climate change.

Ending the Hunger Season by Fred Bahnson

How a Florida nonprofit is nurturing the abundant life, one rooftop at a time.

Stopping the Next Food Crisis by Elizabeth Palmberg

To prevent future food-price bubbles, the world must stop gambling on hunger.

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