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"Spirit Day" 2011 Round-up

370px-Purple_ribbon.svgYesterday, was Spirit Day, a national movement to speak out against bullying of LGBT teens. Here are a few links as to what religious communities and leaders are saying and doing about bullying:

Jim Wallis on what he tells his kids about bullying and why he wore purple.

The story of Jamie Hubley, a 15 year old Canadian teen who committed suicide on October 14th.

The head of the California Christian Coalition says that bullying is "normal."

A Jewish call to end anti-gay bullying.

Andrew Marin on why the Marin Foundation is a sponsor of Spirit Day.

Groundswell calls for "Equality and Dignity for All from the Pulpit to the Playground."

A Grove City College professor created a curriculum urging Christian teens to speak out against anti-gay bullying.

GLAAD posts partner congregations and resources for religious communities.

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