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Seeking Justice: Does it Really Matter?

Yesterday morning, I arrived at Q Cafe as I do on nearly every work morning to begin a new day. I ordered my usual Americano, sat in the corner of the cafe, and began to read through a few of my regular blogs before my schedule really kicked in.

I read numerous articles and blogs on my RSS feed and then, came across an article entitled South Africa: Declare 'Corrective Rape' a Hate Crime. I became heartbroken and angry. No matter what one's beliefs and theology may be, these acts are heinous and barbaric.

After a while, I just felt overwhelmed and crushed.

My sense of hope overwhelmed and crushed.

It's not just because of this article but truth be told sometimes the world -- including my own personal depravity -- seems, dare I say it, unredeemable. So utterly depraved and apparently unredeemable that I wonder to myself and now, out loud: Does it really matter?

In the face of such evil and human cruelty, does getting signatures matters? In the face of nearly 900 million people not having access to clean water, does providing water to 9,000 kids matter?

I know what I'm supposed to say:

"Yes, it matters

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