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Schadenfreude – It Really is The Sweetest Thing


DC’s resident “bad-boy reporter,” Jason Mattera thought that he had caught a major scoop when he accosted U2 lead singer Bono at a recent event, challenging him to come clean about the finances of One, the musicians charity (as well as being a classic U2 hit – FWIW, I prefer with version with Mary J. Blige).

Sadly, it turns out that Mattera’s scoop was not so Magnificent. The man he thought was Bono may have looked and sounded like Bono. But it was, in fact, a Bono impersonator, TPMreports. And even more embarrassingly for Human Events’ editor was that it wasn’t until after he promoted the clip on Sean Hannity’s radio show today that it was revealed to be a look-a-like.

In an email exchange with a Washington Post reporter, he admitted that:

"After scores of interviews with big-time politicians and celebrities, I finally got had."

Well, you know what they say, Pride comes before a fall. Maybe he simply thought he could do the interview, With Or Without You, Bono?

Clearly Mattera Still Hasn’t Found What He’s Looking For. Better luck next time sir.

Watch the ‘interview’ right here:

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