What Changed in a Day?

Racism; misogyny; homophobia. Three disgusting terms, especially when not being repudiated. Until Tuesday, I would be applauded for standing up to racists, misogynists, and homophobes. Now, a single day later, even the president is nudging me to be on “one team” with them. Millions are hoping to put these differences aside. Things change fast.

One minute bigotry was anathema to most of us. Next minute it’s suddenly anathema not to compromise.

“Maybe if I just look past the degradation of women they won’t build that wall”

“I wish that restaurant served homosexuals, but at least there’s more small businesses in town”

Are these the negotiations that have to take place? What did the other side budge on? I hear the election was about economic issues like jobs and a changing middle class. Does that mean they aren’t racists, misogynists, and homophobes — just expedient —  putting the esoteric hope of a churning economy ahead of equality? I hope the answer is “no” and you tell me. I hope there’s another explanation, a good one. Otherwise I’m going to be on the “other team” for a long time.