Respect the Grief

I have woken up feeling like this only one other time in my life.

What we experienced last night was a death of some things we hold very dear. It is not an exaggeration to call last night a funeral. This was a tragedy - as real as tragedy gets. Don't shy away from that. We didn't leave ourselves that option.

As we get up and get back to our lives, give yourself all the space and time you need to grieve. And respect the grieving needs of others. Healing will come, but it will be long and incomplete. Our best hope to heal well is to spend time seeing where we ourselves are hurt today.

To the extent that you can, take this time to get your physical health in order. Make sure you're eating well, sleeping, your dental, physical, OBGYN appointments up to date. And as you're able, use the resources you have to access mental health care - professional and relational. Check in on eachother's mental health, and don't be afraid to ask. If anyone needs help on any of these fronts, call me and I'll work with you to figure out options.

We need eachother to be resilient.

And as you're able, take this time to access your spirituality. Make room to hear what it is you value, what you long to see, where you place your hope - and what it is you will stand against, no matter the cost to you personally. Start looking around for who and what else have the resources and mentors to encourage that in you.

We need eachother to be fearless.

And as you can, sit in the presence of family, given or chosen, today and as much as possible in the days ahead. If your fam is unsafe, look for local people doing the above who could be a fam for you. And as always, find us here.

We need eachother, period.

I love America, and that feels more important than ever to say today. But things will never be the same and some of the things that died last night are lost forever in our lifetime. I'm so, so sad, and I'm so, so sorry.

Be safe, fam. The road ahead is long. I love you all.