Praying in Solidarity

I was so hopeful and enthusiastic about helping Hillary get elected.

My husband and I hated what the Republicans did to the Clintons over the years (indictments, impeachment, shouting untrue and inflated stories about many things). It seemed to increase during Hillarys campaign. And then there was Trump and the hostile rheteric ("Lock her up!," endless email accusations, Benghazi, etc.). Then there was the FBI head and his own agenda.

I was praying for her and her campaign and was strengthened by the media feeling she was out in front.

Then the worst happened. I'm still depressed. Trump is bad for the people I care most about (the poor, immigrants) not to mention the environment. I'm now praying things don't go as I fear and that good people organize on behalf of people in great need.

I was glad local churches gathered to pray on the day after the election. I felt great solidarity with others with similar concerns.