This Is Not Simple

This is not merely the sting of defeat.
This is not simply the "democratic process."
This is not simple.

This is fear for my brothers and sisters of color who already live in fear of simple traffic stops.
This is agony for an LGBTQ community that distresses over lost gains in equality.
This is despair in a country that has seemed to legitimize misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and bullying.
This is torment over the suffering of refugees who may be turned away by policies governed by hate.
This is terror at the prospect of further environmental destruction in the name of profit and "security."

This is not simple.

So I turn my heart over to God, that even though the crowd has shouted for Barabbas to be released, we worship a Lord who remains vigilant, a Christ who will rise, and a Spirit that is actively at work.

Our work for God's justice is more important now than ever.