May God Be With Us

I must say I was demoralized and depressed upon learning the final election results. I have felt that for several days and still do. By fasting for awhile from watching news programs, I seem to be gradually coming around.

I live in an area of the country where I cannot talk much about my election feelings because my state, and most people I know, voted so heavily in favor of the outcome. I have found next to no one with whom I can openly talk about it, so it's been a lonely ride. It feels to me as if, in this election, we have walked away from almost every value even remotely associated with the Gospel of Christ. For me, that's the most discouraging thing of all. I know there are many good-hearted and well-intentioned people who don't see it that way, and I know I must seek to love and respect them. So all I can say is: May God be with us and may we somehow know how to be with God and each other in these days.