Let's Start Fresh

Just wanted you to know ... before leaving the house to vote, I prayed for wisdom to know how God wanted me to vote. New Hope Ministries Church is my polling place. Walking in to the building and again at the booth I felt weirdly apprehensive. I saw the two names Clinton and Trump. It was impossible to pick either ... so skipping the presidential nominations I began marking the rest of the ballot ... done ... uh oh back to the presidental choices. After staring at Trump and Clinton, the Lord impressed me to vote my conscience. Staring down at the independents, there was an unrecognizable name. Surrepiticiously googling him, reading his platform, I began to realize this man is everything I would want in my president. Knowing in advance he probably wouldn't win didn't matter, what mattered is I could sleep knowing I voted my conscience.

Why vote for an independent? Because we can do better. Let's break the party barrier and start fresh.