If I Have to March Down Pennsylvania Ave. Rolling an IV Pole Alongside Me, I Will

Working my way through shock, denial and anger at the direction chosen by the majority of my fellow — and sadly, sister — citizens. I mourn the loss of the country I thought I lived in where there was freedom of religion and freedom from fear. I fear now for my five grandchildren's futures. One has severe disabilities, three are bi-racial males, and one is female. I have much uncertainty in my own future as I fight cancer, lymphoma, for the third time in eight years. Will our limited income become even more limited? Will my pension ( I work for a school) be preserved? Will the age of medicare be raised? Will it be legal once again for Insurance compaies to deny coverage? These things were pledged by our soon-to-be POTUS.

But I am praying to get to a point of hope. We must be more vigilant about standing up to racism, sexism, bullying and "Christians" who value their own financial well-being and status quo over Jesus's commandment of caring for those in need. If I have to march down Pennsylvania Avenue rolling an IV pole alongside me, I will.

Anger is exhausting at a time when chemo is already serving up exhaustion as a side effect. I have to meditate my way past all this raw emotion. No more looking back in anger. Only look back to learn how to improve our future.