I Marched Because So Many Are Still Asking Why

People are asking me why I marched.

I marched for Tamar and Ruth who were trapped in a system that would not give justice unless they first offered sex.

I marched for Eve who has traditionally and perpetually been held responsible for the sin of women AND men.

I marched for Deborah who's wisdom was REQUIRED in battle, but was refused the recognition of soldier.

I marched for women who have been called unclean because of the way their bodies were created to bring life.

I marched for Elizabeth, and Sarah, and Hannah, and all the women who have been convinced their worth to the world is dependent on their conceiving a son.

I marched for David's daughter, Tamar, who after being raped and hated by her brother, was forced to live the rest of her life as his scorned wife.

I marched for Junia, who's gender was erased from the Bible because no woman could possibly have been honored and respected as a leader of the early church.

I marched for the women who have been taught by culture, society, government, and the church, that they are less than their male counterparts; that they are no more valuable than the attractiveness of their physical appearance; who have been told to calm down, know their place, smile more, be silent, submit, stay, or obey in the face of abuse and abusers.

I marched because all women, even those with whom I disagree with on certain issues, are made in the image of God just as is true for any man.

I marched so my sons would know that men and women are meant to be co-creators, partners, equals in life, so that God is fully revealed in us.

I marched because so many are still asking "why?"