I March Because I Am a Follower of Jesus — How Could I Not?

I march for sexual assault survivors. I march because sexual assault is never OK or justified. I march because I believe you. I march because bragging about sexual assault is “locker room talk.” I march because a man that has been accused of assault should not get to be in a position of power.

I march for boys and men that are raised to think they can’t control their sexual urges. I march because I know we can raise a generation of men that respect and support women. I march because boys need to know that women aren’t objects. I march because young boys are growing up with role models that are violent toward women and children and are being told that is OK.

I march for gun control. I march for the thousands of children that have lost parents to gun violence. I march for the moms and dads that have lost children to gun violence. I march for the women that have been threatened, hurt, or murdered by guns. I march for communities that are scared, devastated, and hurting because of what guns have done to their communities.

I march for immigrants. I march because, in my America, you are wanted as a neighbor. I march because you are not a second-class citizen. I march because no one should have to live in fear of families being ripped apart.

I march because Black Lives do matter. I march because every race should feel like law enforcement is on their side. I march because no one should have to worry about their life or safety when they are pulled over or stopped.

I march for health care. I march because having access to health care is a human right. There is no other room for interpretation. I march because women should be able to have access to care that fits their needs and not be chastised or turned away. I march because women should have access to safe and effective birth control.

I march because science is important. I march because climate change is real.

I march because as a follower of Jesus how could I not.