Hopeless, Angry, Guilty

I feel hopeless, angry, and guilty.

Hopeless for obvious reasons.  It's hard to seen ANYTHING positive at the moment. Tremendous damage will be done over the next 4 years — conceivably damage that can never be undone. Hard to face that with much optimism, although I wish I could.

Angry because so-called Christians were a big part of getting Trump elected. How can that be? I can't reconcile how that is possible and I am embarrassed to be to be in any way associated with these folks. How many people's views of Christianity will be forever shaped by the support of evangelicals for Trump? I'm not into ranking sins — but this has to be up there.

Guilty because I was complacent. Yes, I voted. But I did nothing else to prevent this from happening. I was lazy and complacent and fooled myself into believing that this outcome was impossible. I seriously regret not speaking out more aggressively and allowing the evangelical vote to win the day.