Holding Space for Others

On Election Day, I monitored the polls for Election Protection. For me, this was a healing and heartening experience after this bitter season. I saw people of all races and ethnicities, all preferences and abilities, from infant to ancient, as they came to cast their one precious vote. Have I mentioned I love Election Day? My parents immigrated here when I was only 6 (the same age as my youngest son now) from a country where people were dying to vote. Literally.

But by midnight, all that healing was gone. I was a weeping mess of disbelief and fear. That lasted nearly 24 hours. In the middle, I had to tell my 6-year-old that his favorite candidate had lost. "But Mom, maybe they counted wrong?" Sorry, sweetie. It's complicated. I went back to my sack cloth and ashes. Gradually, wise friends emerged. We sat together, talking of the work that needs doing, no matter who is president. Speaking of our precious right to vote, and the responsibility of holding space for others, no matter the outcome.

In truth, there are many areas in which I hope President-elect Trump and the future first lady succeed. I pray he can bring the prosperity and peace he has promised. I and the people I love will fight to make sure those things don't come at too high a price. And so tonight he and his wife are in my prayers, for their health, wellbeing, success, and, most of all, God's Protection and guidance.