Do Not Despair or Become Cynical

For the first time In my life, I feel unsafe living in America. I feel unsafe for my children, my husband, and my family because our skin color is not white. You might say to me that favorite phrase "Why don't you go back to where you came from?" Then I ask you, would you go back to where you came from because the Native Americans can say the exact same thing to you.

I once read a comment made by a white-skinned person to a black-skinned friend "Whoever wins this election I know I will be ok because I'm white, but I fear for you if Trump wins."

I've never understood the exclusiveness of some Christians, because Jesus is all about inclusiveness. If you claim that God is all love and only love then there's no room for exclusion or hate. God embodies me, you, and everyone else in this planet who are all God's children, and everything that He has created. He loves us all equally. Not only just select few, and you think you belong there. He is for the poor, He is for the humbled, He is for the meek, He is for the marginalized. He does not discriminate. He is for all.

Why America has so much hate in it's heart? I don't know ...

But I hope, love and peace for America's heart because I do love this country I call home and my children's only home. I hope, love and peace for everyone and everything that America contains because that's the only way I can shake this fearful feelings I have right now for my children, my family, and those who are excluded by the half of Americans because of their skin colors, religions, sexual orientations, or simply being women.

My children, do not despair or become cynical. Empower yourselves with education, love, hope, and faith in human race, which is the only race there should be, because the future of America belongs to you and lies in your hands.