Is the Damage Already Done?

I believe there were two main groups of people who got Trump elected:

  • The first group consist of racist, white supremacist, bigots. For the first time in our lifetime they had a candidate who openly backed their way of thinking. This energized this group and had them vote at record numbers.
  • The second group consist of evangelical Christians who could somehow overlook Trump’s many failings and vote for a person that they think will pick Supreme Court justices that might overturn Roe vs. Wade.

During the campaign Trump promised that if elected, the United States would use waterboarding and much much more. Waterboarding is an international war crime. He has called for the complete ban of all Muslims entering our country and that all Muslims currently in the country should be registered. Donald Trump’s character is the opposite of the beliefs and mores of Christianity. Trump is a white supremacist, misogynist, arrogant mean-spirited bully with the temperament of a 7-year-old child. According to many fact checking organizations, most of what he says is not true. He never admits that he is wrong or that he has made a mistake. With this in mind why would a Christian cast a vote for Donald Trump?

I can only believe that the great majority of Christians worldwide and Jesus Himself are horrified over this election It is hard to think about talking to someone about belief in Jesus right now.

Yes, I can tell them that the great majority of Jesus’ followers disdain Trump’s beliefs, but will the damage already be done?