From Canada, a Cry for America

I wrote a song recently about our friends to the South. These are the lyrics for it. I think it speaks for itself.

Cry For America
By Anthony Hendriks

Cry for America, for she built a song
You could hear the chords and melody as it carried folks along,
But now it’s a whisper, you may say it’s gone,
So cry for America for she lost her melody somewhere before the refrain.

Vs 1
Once she was young, with promise-filled eyes,
And her lyrics were crafted on the lips of the wise.

And yes, times brought pain that fractured the rhyme,
But her song spoke a promise of healing in time.

Now she’s older, she wears a gold crown,
Her throne is of cardboard, her clothes hand-me-down.

And the rich send her melodies to add to her song,
But they clash with the tune as the poor sing along.

Vs 2
Her melting pot gathered the world in one nation,
White, black, and brown shared one declaration.

And the Statue of Liberty, torch in her hand,
Held hope of new life in this beautiful land.

But now at a crossroad, what song will break out,
Will fear and injustice raise a mob’s angry shout,

Or will hearts that are cold, find warmth for the night,
Oh pray for a love song, with scales built of light.

Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly