Can a Vote Be an Act of Hate?

Christians who voted for Trump: You can take a big, deep sigh of relief today because you're safe! Your religion - secure; your ideas about marriage - secure; your money - secure; your jobs - secure. What a relief! No more babies will be aborted (because the government can change the law AND the hearts of women) you don't have to get your hands dirty with refugees, you'll still have your guns, and your country will prosper. You're all going to be OK!

Because that's what God cares about — right? YOUR safety, money, and security and ONLY the unborn babies. God doesn't care about all those people who need to know Him but hate Christians right now because of their support for a man who spews hate. There are countless numbers of people across the country and the world who are alienated from God even more now because of your vote. They see your vote as an act of hate and a slap on their face. Of course we want to bring these people to Christ but only if we don't have to suffer. Because God does not want us to suffer in our work to bring people to him (SAYS NO WHERE IN THE BIBLE!)

-Lifelong Republican, Lover of Christ, but Never Trump