Beauty Can Come from Ashes

Several years ago, I found myself gravitating toward the words love, kinship, and humility. These words came up in a number of places, again and again, so I paid attention. As this election ramped up, and Trump gained steam, my heart broke as I saw many in my country gravitate toward the opposite of these three words. I can honestly say that I couldn't believe people resonated with the opposite message, with Trump's fear-based message. And that is what we have chosen — fear over love. We have chosen moral bankruptcy over strength of character and integrity. Certainly this is where it gets tricky, knowing that Clinton has her moral and character flaws as well. Yet in comparing the two, to me there is a marked difference, and thinking of Trump's stance — and the fact that this stance now represents our country, at least to a degree — is very hard to swallow. My heart is broken, and in response I will look for opportunities to act out of what I deeply believe and seek wisdom in how to pray. I am an eternal optimist, and as such my hope lies in knowing that beauty can come from ashes.