Race Down to the Wire, GOP Goes Musical

By Timothy King 2-29-2012
Elephant image via Shutterstock
Elephant image via Shutterstock

The unofficial results are in and it looks like former governor Mitt Romney won the Michigan primary with 41 percent of the vote. Many commentators believe that this win indicates a recovery of momentum for the Romney campaign.

There are now unconfirmed reports that building off the popularity of President Obama’s rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” Mitt Romney has been working on a cover of Katy Perry’s "Hot n’ Cold" to sing for GOP primary voters.


Because of advances in micro-targeting, it is also rumored that the Romney campaign was able to successfully use Sufjan Stevens' "Say Yes to Michigan" in order to win over a majority of the states 63 hipsters voting in the Republican primary.

This strategy was earlier tried by the Gingrich campaign when Newt reportedly performed a karaoke version of R.E.M.’s “Man on the Moon” for a Florida retirement community.

Some consultants have said that if the campaign could do it all again they would have used Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Rick Santorum’s campaign, a group that has born the brunt of many internet tricks, has considered turning to Rick Astley and are using the “rick rolling” tactic as their latest fundraising push.

Ron Paul’s staff will not yet confirm if the candidate will forego the musical strategy entirely and just have the candidate recite Mel Gibson’s “Freedom” speech in Braveheart.

Tim King is communications director at Sojourners. Follow Tim on Twitter @TMKing.

Elephant image via Shutterstock

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