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QUIRK: Meet Your 'Tweeple'

Sojo web team as "Tweeple."
Sojo web team as "Tweeple."

Ever wondered what your tweets would look like if they were a person? No, neither had we. But Mashable today reports on a new tool called Tweepify that “turns your Twitter activity — how often you tweet, followers-to-following ratio, etc. — into humanoid “tweeple.”

According to the tech website:

Each body part of the visualization signifies a different aspect of your life on Twitter. Head height signifies number of followers, while head width signifies how many people you follow. Eye height represents how recently you last tweeted. Mouth height represents how many followers you gain per day, while mouth width reflects your total number of tweets. Head size corresponds to tweets per day, arm length to the reach of your tweets and leg length to how long you’ve been on the social network.

What does your ‘tweeple’ look like? Does it look a little bit like you? Check out what happened when we ‘tweepified’ our own team here at Sojourners below:

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