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Negative Impact of the Sequester on Women and Families

According to a new state-by-state analysis released today by the Center for American Progress, if Congress fails to act by March 1, millions of women and children across the United States could lose the critical support and services they need. 

“By refusing to replace the sequester with smarter spending cuts, conservative members of Congress are continuing their track record of sacrificing the lives and livelihood of millions women and their children to protect millionaires and special interests. Congressional inaction would prevent women from accessing health care programs and childcare assistance... If Congress leaves the sequester un-checked millions of women, in every state in the nation, will pay for the inaction of a few members of Congress” said Tara McGuinness, Senior Vice President for Communications at the Center for American Progress.

The sequester will have devastating ramifications by slashing about $725 million from Title I funding which would affect 2,700 schools and place 9,880 teachers at risk of losing their jobs. Furthermore, the sequester would cut federal programs that help women access critical health care programs and endanger the health of children by cutting Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). To have a complete look at the effects of the sequester click here

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