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My Thoughts on "Souled Out"


It's true: the religious radio/TV waves are still pretty crowded with 24/7 programming that proclaims a less-than-integral understanding of the Christian gospel and its social implications. But on the bookshelves, thankfully, it's a different story.

Another recent treasure is E.J. Dionne's Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith and Politics after the Religious Right. I recently participated in an online discussion of the book at TPMCafe ... you can read part one and part two of my contributions - as well as posts by E.J., Alexia Kelley, and others. The comments are enlightening (and occasionally a little disturbing) as well.

Good books like this one and other recent releases announced on this blog ... along with associated online discussions and interactive regional gatherings - not to mention the important one-to-one conversations they stimulate at dinner tables, coffee shops, and water coolers - are waking up more and more of us churchly folk to the deeper and broader implications of the Christian gospel. Jim may be right: we may indeed soon have a great awakening on our hands, inspiring followers of Christ to "works of faith and labors of love and endurance in hope" (I Thessalonians 1:3) - all for the common good.

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