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Mother's Week: The Audio Motherload (Part I)

The Audio Motherload (Part 1):Radio documentaries, comedy, and interviews about mothers and women from John Hodgman, This American Life, Radiolab, Mom's Open Mic, and Anne Lamott ...

Mom’s Open Mic – Janet Chin Bernstein

As part of Funny or Die’s “Mom’s Open Mic” series, Janet chin Bernstein takes her audience on an unexpected journey as she describes her family’s odd sense of humor. Follow their Mom is Wow page for daily updates and new content to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Moms Open Mic: Janet Chin Bernstein - watch more funny videos     

This American Life – Mother’s Day

Stories on impersonating your mothers’ voice, visiting mothers in prison, and mom’s true feelings about Johnny Cash are in full force… take a listen to This American Life’s reporting on mothers and their important roles in our lives in “Mother’s Day.”

Judge John Hodgman – Rashomom

The memory of grandmother, mother, and daughter is tested as they disagree on the details of the house they grew up next door to. Whose memory is correct? The comedic Judge John Hodgman tries to help three generations of women settle the case.

Radiolab – Fetal Consequences

In this 20 minute short, host Robert Krulwich investigates the life of fetal cells. Scientists believe fetal cells stay inside the mother for decades, protecting the mother’s health and fighting disease. Listen to the investigation for some surprising discoveries.  


Anne Lamott – Mother-in-law

Author Anne Lamott offers a few thoughts on mother-in-laws as she discusses her new book (Some Assembly Required) on being a grandmother.

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