The Morning News: Tuesday Nov. 8, 2011 | Sojourners

The Morning News: Tuesday Nov. 8, 2011


A morning round up of news related to the Sojourners' commitments to social justice.

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER: Conference: Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery Thriving In U.S., Abroad

One hundred and fifty years after the United States fought the Civil War "to cure this country of the scourge of slavery," said the archbishop emeritus of Washington, "this terrible scourge" continues today, even in the United States.

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THE WASHINGTON POST: Census Bureau Measures More Americans Living In Poverty

The Census Bureau on Monday released a new, comprehensive poverty measure that painted a more dismal picture of the nation's economic landscape than the official measure from September.

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USA TODAY: Debate Brews Over New Method To Measure Poverty

Debate over how the federal government measures poverty intensified Monday when the Census Bureau announced a second way to calculate the number of America's poor.

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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Poll Finds Voters Deeply Torn

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has found an electorate that is convinced the country's economic structures favor an affluent elite and is still deeply torn as to whether President Barack Obama or any of his leading Republican rivals can pull the nation out of decline.

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CNN (ON BELIEF): Poll: Faith Important In 2012, But Mormon Skepticism Remains

A poll released Tuesday painted a picture of a religious electorate that has a strong preference toward religious candidates. According to the Public Religion Research Institute survey, two-thirds of voters (67%) said it is either very important or somewhat important for a presidential candidate to have strong religious beliefs.

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MOTHER JONES: Health Tab For Climate Change: $14 Billion

Climate change-related disasters caused $14 billion in health costs in first decade of the 2000s, according to a new paper published this week in the journal Health Affairs.

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THE HUFFINGTON POST: What Do The Copts Mean For The Arab Spring?

The overwhelming majority of the Arab world is Muslim, and so it would seem to reason that the two words on everyone's lips in that region since January -- revolution and democracy -- should hinge on the participatory, popular will of that population. However, a crucial test of the potential gains of the Arab Spring will also rest in the status of the region's non-Muslim minorities.

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Jack Palmer is a communications assistant at Sojourners.