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Making Love Practical

Image courtesy of the author (pictured in the top right photo in the collage.)
Image courtesy of the author (who is pictured in the top right photo in the collage.)

In the Australian city where I live, there is a housing crisis.

Only 2 percent of rental properties are vacant. The mining boom has seen a huge increase in the number of renters and this additional competition has left parties outbidding each other to lease the few rental properties on the market.

In this environment, immigrants, generally, and refugees in particular, struggle to access affordable accommodation, let alone accommodation close to employment opportunities or community services.

In the community I helped found and where I have spent the last eight years — going through the highs and lows of radical hospitality, direct action, gardening, praying, and cups of tea — we feel called to leave.

Our little family has discerned that we are moving in a different direction than the community we so love, and are being led to create a place where refugee families can get back on their feet. A “hand up” if you will.

This move might have happened with little fuss or fanfare — people having no idea that this is how we live, unless they are neighbours or friends. That was until the offer we made on the place was accepted by the owner, but our  home loan rejected by the banks.

Learn more about that story in the video below:

First Home Project from First Home Project on Vimeo.

Our world is desperate for alternative economics and we have been overwhelmed by the generosity and excitement of people who have wanted to “be the bank” and make our home for refugees happen. The compassion of the people who have offered to help may inspire you. Learn more about them HERE.

Please feel free to share the video and perhaps inspire others to make love practical for those who need a ‘hand up’.

Jarrod McKenna is not 100-percent sure what to put in a bio at the moment, but is seeking to live God’s love with his wife Teresa and son Tyson. Recently Jarrod won a national peace award in his native Australia, which almost makes him sound respectable. Follow Jarrod on Twitter @jarrodmckenna to watch this adventure unfold.

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