Links of Awesomeness: September 24, 2012

By Brandon Hook 9-24-2012
Photographs by David Chambon / Colossal
Dragonflies covered in dew. Photographs by David Chambon / Colossal

Jimmy Kimmel has done it. He's successfully pulled off the biggest prank ever. Kimmel managed to convince 25,000 audience members to tweet about Tracey Morgan fainting on stage during the Emmy's. I'll give Jimmy 25,000 kudos — one for each tweet. [Via Paste]

Insects already look cool with a sweet macro lens. But they look even cooler when they're covered in dew. Check out some awesome photos here. [via Colossal]

It seems like bigger screens are the latest craze these days in the smart phone world. But when will it stop? The guys in Seattle-based comedy group Satire imagined the iPhone 5 a little differently. With their iPhone, the new screen is 795 percent larger, with all of the growth on the height end. Now we don't have to worry about scrolling anymore. That's genius. [via Laughing Squid]

Either being a Sanitation Engineer (i.e., a garbageman) in Russia is much more fun, or the people who collect trash in our country are significantly more depressed. Check out these Russian trash-collectors having fun skiing behind the back of their garbage truck. [Via The Atlantic]

No country for old men. According to a new study, the age of the people you see on a daily basis can affect how long you think you'll live, which will in turn affect how long you will actually live. Woah. [via The Atlantic]

A stove that generates electricity? BioLite, a New York City-based company, now makes clean burning wood-fired cooking stoves that also generate electricity. The technology is designed to improve the lives of the 3 billion people in developing countries who must prepare meals over wood cooking fires. According to BioLite, the CO2 emissions from the stoves cause two million premature deaths each year. The new stove reduces smoke by 94 percent and carbon monoxide by 91 percent, and can also charge your phone. [via Laughing Squid]

As if James Franco was satisfied with being an actor, director, producer, author, poet, comedian, screenwriter, painter, and professor. Nope. He had to make music too. In his latest project Franco teamed up with Tim O'Keefe, with the duo being dubbed "Daddy."  Franco and O’Keefe state that the motivation behind Daddy is to push beyond the sonic space of music into the surrounding ecology. That's deep. [Via Paste]

I wish my dad did cool things with me as a kid, like sending my favorite toy into space and getting it all on camera. But, then again, not all of us have dads who are creative directors. Love you ,dad. But this is awesome. [via Laughing Squid]


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