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Links of Awesomeness: August 9, 2012

Beck Hansen (known simply as ‘Beck’) plans to release his newest album only in sheet music. The publishers at McSweeny’s will release the “album” sometime in the near future (which will include plenty of great art for all his non-musician fans), and plans to host the best versions of each song on their website. [Paste Magazine]

For some time Longform has promoted good journalism by highlighting noteworthy pieces from the past and present. Now in collaboration with The Atavist, they launch their first, of what will be a weekly, podcast on non-fiction storytelling. Listen to the debut episode with Matthieu Aikins (Harper’s Magazine) on war-zone reporting. [Longform]

An eleven year old cheetah at the Cincinnati Zoo leaves Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt in the dust. [via GOOD]  

The Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is a pretty popular television event, so popular, in fact, that the internet is trying to top it with “Animals Acting Like Sharks Week.” They boast that it’s “all the thrills of Shark Week, with all the budget of the internet.” [Revision3]

One artist spans LED lights across the surface of a massive moisture sensitive board. The result is “water light graffiti,” which is an interactive exhibit and pretty amazing feat. [Colossal]

This Olympic season, you may notice that people are constantly beating world records and out performing last years’ stars. NPR offers some thoughts on how athletes’ bodies have changed over the last century with a few stunning infographics. [NPR]

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