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Let's Not Forget: It's Not About Us

1100419-donkeyI'm very fond of this season in the Christian calendar because I can mention the word "ass" during my blog post and sermon and still keep all the fundamentalists off my back.

But seriously, I realized this past Sunday that the message of Palm Sunday is very significant.

The image of Jesus riding on a donkey -- aka "an ass" -- during Palm Sunday is a great paradox.

In some ways, it's when things go downhill really fast for Jesus and for anyone and everyone associated with Jesus that had a different agenda about "the kingdom" than Jesus'.

In reality, there were tough and challenging things prior to Palm Sunday. For example:

  • Jesus kept hanging out with the lowly, the tax collectors, prostitutes, the sick, and even the children. The religious leaders wanted him to join their posse and cohort. Even Jesus' best friends wanted him to act and hang out with the more dignified. Like they say, your company says a great deal about who you are.
  • Jesus went through Samaria and gasp
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