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Lent: Why the Lord’s Prayer Matters

Screenshot from 'Your Will Be Done.'
Screenshot from 'Your Will Be Done.'

As well as being a good surfer and a great mate, I believe Hillsong’s pastor Chrishan Jeyaratnam is one of the finest preachers in Australia. His teaching on “Your Will Be Done” in the Lord’s Prayer: Lent series is exceptional.

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Why does justice matter? Why does it matter if eternity is just around the corner.”

“Maybe it matters because God so loved the world.”

“Maybe it matters because Heaven is coming here?”

“Maybe it matters because the growth of this heavenly kingdom is in our hands, as well as His.”

“This prayer isn’t just an ethereal prayer — this prayer is a tangible prayer.”

“It’s why the poor matters. It’s why the stranger matters. It’s why the environment matters. It’s why our neighbor matters. It’s why the Gospel matters. It’s why the church matters. Because it’s about His will on earth like it is in Heaven. It’s why prayer matters.”

“It’s why justice matters. It’s why beauty matters. It’s why glory matters.”

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